About Randi

kinman_0Randi Kinman has the skills and experience to ensure all students succeed, that all voices are heard and that all parties are engaged in developing our campuses for the needs of the 21st Century.

Discovering that living adjacent to a campus did not mean you had a voice or vote in the district, Randi went to work almost two decades ago to bring the neighborhoods and the San Jose Evergreen Community College District together. During this time she became involved in everything from bonds, financing and master plans to outreach, tracking student success and how a campus brands itself. As a community liaison, it was Randi’s long time involvement that revealed previous planning that held land in reserve allowing construction vehicle movement on and off campus that avoids conflict with pedestrian and vehicle traffic for both residents and the campus.

Randi is currently serving her second year as Chair of the Policy Advisory Council to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Her appointment by local elected officials for the last decade has ensured the voices of low income and minority residents of Santa Clara County are heard during the complex legislative, policy and project discussions concerning transportation and housing in the nine Bay Area Counties.

As a City of San Jose Planning Commissioner, Randi was directly involved in long term strategic planning and short term project development. During an interim appointment she was elected Vice-Chair.

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